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Cast Biographies

Here is a short biography on Kirstie Alley of Veronica's Closet:


Kirstie Alley (Veronica)

Kirstie is best known for her performance as Rebecca on Cheers.  This was really her big break.  Unlike most actresses, she was most popular when she was in her 40's and basically unknown until she was in her late 30's.  As of late, she has slowed down and is not seen regularly on television.  Pier One commercials have been her lates gig, but she is considering doing a talk show.  She has adopted children, with her ex-husband, Parker Stevenson.  Your most likely to see Kirstie gracing the pages of the tabloids, although we all know they are a bunch of lies!

Born: January 12, 1955 in Wichita, Kansas

Popular Films: Look Who's Talking, For Richer or Poorer, and her role on Cheers.

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