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Welcome to a site dedicated to one of the best television shows in recent years, Veronica's Closet.  My site is one of the few dedicated to this fabulous show.  Here I hope to bring you the best information about Veronica's Closet and the best pictures from the show.  I'll also include an episode guide with the schedule from the USA network, where Veronica's Closet airs 3 days a week.  Please enjoy and feel free to e-mail me and talk Veronica!

Late-Breaking News:
June 7, 2004: Veronica's Closet has not been seen in syndication for over a year now and there isn't any indication that it will return.  We can have hope that it will eventually be released on dvd though! :)  Kirstie Alley can be seen on the cover of all the tabloids though!  She seems to be getting a lot of bad press lately.  She also ended her contract with Pier One as their spokesperson, but is starring in a new CBS mini-series airing this summer. 
Has anyone seen the new Kirtie Alley E! True Hollywood Story?  There is lots of information about Veronica's Closet. 



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